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Being a parent can be satisfying and fulfilling. Yet it can also be both physically and emotionally draining. Before having children you may have imagined laughter with your kids over the dinner table, playing outdoors together and fun-filled family vacations. What you never imagine are epic meltdowns over turning off their phone or an anxious child refusing to go to school—not to mention your own high level of stress, and low level of patience. Almost all of us find the reality of parenting more complex and challenging than expected.

Parents must tend to the daily needs of their child or children, all while teaching life skills, social skills and appropriate behaviours. And parents with more than one child must do this while accounting for the personalities of each kid, as well. Preparing your children for life in an increasingly complex world has never been more important. Even though it may seem like your child is largely influenced by fiends or their social-media environment, parents still play the most significant, long-term role in a child’s life—by far. But fulfilling all your roles as a parent is not easy. And the children with the biggest challenges also need the most empathy and guidance.

Parenting Support

Supporting Parents

New parents, overwhelmed parents, parents facing mental-health conditions and parents of children with special needs can all benefit from the support of a mental health professional. Parental support therapy can help you navigate the ups and downs of parenthood, and better understand—and manage—your child’s behaviours, emotional outbursts or withdrawal.

Parenting also becomes more difficult if your child has a physical or intellectual disability or serious medical issue. In these situations, higher-level parenting skills are needed. Counselling can help you with this, and a therapist can assist you in developing a multi-faceted approach for the complex needs of your child. There is no judgement or criticism. Seeking parental support therapy simply helps you build the most loving and fulfilling family life possible.

Supporting Kids and Teens

Family Therapy

Research demonstrates that for many children and youth with mental health issues, including anxiety and depression, the best outcomes happen when parents are included in treatment. So, by working with a therapist yourself, the information you share helps fill in the gaps in the child’s treatment, and address issues underlying the day-to-day challenges

What can you do if a child doesn’t want to come to therapy? In these situations, parents and therapist can work together, to make changes that will positively impact the child. For example, with the help of a mental health professional you, as the parent, can learn therapeutic techniques to use with your children. When you learn how to de-escalate situations with your kids, you can work on problem solving, and teaching skills to regulate their emotions.

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– Savar Paul Nelson

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